Novembre Numérique
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Digital creation

Novembre Numérique (Digital November)

Call for applications open
From 16 April 2024 to 3 June 2024
Members of French diplomatic network
Since 2017, the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad organize Novembre Numérique (Digital November), the international digital cultures festival around the world.
Novembre Numérique (Digital November) is an invitation to question the place of digital cultures in our societies, to increase the awareness of the general public to the new uses of digital technologies, while discovering the richness and diversity of digital creations, ranging from virtual reality to video games, from media art to new forms of digital narratives, from immersive theater to interactive music, from educational technologies to entrepreneurship, etc.
Call for applications open until 03/06/2024
Terms and conditions

Call for applications open until June 7th, 2021.

On all five continents, French and foreign amateurs and professionals gather to (de)code, to create, to play and to think with digital cultures, all in a festive environment.

Workshops, debates, performances, exhibitions, hackathons, escape games, etc. invite to question the forms, the practices, the uses and the stakes of the digital revolution we are currently facing, while trying to identify the future changes of our society: equality and diversity, participative democracy, transhumanism, robotics, new forms of artistic creation, gastronomy and technology, language and education, access to knowledge, cultural heritage valorization, etc. 

This large celebration of digital cultures develops every year and gathered close to 70 participant countries and 100 cities in 2020. It underlines the commitment of the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad to facilitating the general public’s access to new technologies, to showcasing the strong diversity of French creations, to building long-lasting partnerships with foreign professionals and to enabling international collaborations between artists, professionals and the audience.

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