Fabrique numérique du plurilinguisme


French language
Digital creation

The Digital Factory of Multilingualism

Members of French diplomatic network / Foreign professionals
The Digital Factory of Multilingualism is an incubator for digital entrepreneurs offering innovative applications for language learning. The Factory is made up of a steering committee in France bringing together players in education, the French-speaking world and innovation, and is based on individual Factories deployed abroad, commissioned by institutions in the French cultural network abroad in connection with local educational systems.

La Fabrique numérique du plurilinguisme propose l’incubation et l’expérimentation de solutions innovantes au service de l’apprentissage des langues en offrant aux postes diplomatiques et aux entreprises de l’EdTech l’opportunité de développer, prototyper, tester et évaluer de nouveaux outils, contenus et services fondés sur les usages et les technologies numériques (intelligence artificielle, agents conversationnels, réalités immersives …).



The Digital Factory of Multilingualism meets two objectives:

  • Capturing learners of French as a foreign language through new offers of innovative services and content.
  • Fostering the development of international cooperation in the fields of innovation and language teaching by promoting local and French expertise.

There is not just one but a number of Digital Factories of Multilingualism. Each local version is intended to be a laboratory for experimentation and production dedicated to learning languages through new technologies.