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From 13 October 2022 to 9 January 2023
French professionals
The Institut français, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture - General Directorate for Artistic Creation and the Archives de la Critique d'Art, are joining forces to promote French criticism and theory on artistic creation from the 1960s to the present day and its dissemination internationally.
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Terms and conditions

Assessment of applications

A jury of art world professionals will evaluate the candidates on their curriculum vitae and on their project, its originality and relevance. The draft article must situate the critical approach chosen by the author and be based on current critical thinking and theoretical debates. It will necessarily be based on a major event on the contemporary art scene abroad (exhibition, biennale, etc.). By combining these two axes, the candidate will develop a sustained commentary on the chosen subject.


How to apply?

Application dossier (to be assembled in a single pdf file):

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Detailed proposal (4,000 characters) specifying the type of international event to be analysed, the theoretical analysis framework and the proposed critical articulation
  • Estimated budget (travel and accommodation expenses)

The application should be sent as a single pdf file to:

Deadline for applications: 09 January 2023

Results announced: 14 February 2023


Sylvie Mokhtari, Editor in Chief of CRITIQUE D’ART


Submission of the essay to the journal CRITIQUE D'ART

Deadline: no later than 04 September 2023

The essay must not exceed 30,000 characters and will be remunerated by copyright.

"Traverses" signifies the originality of these many paths that belong to the realm of perception and that link visual art to the written word. The programme offers an accelerated route from the creation to the publication and dissemination of critical writing.

The aim of the "Traverses" scheme is to support the production, publication and dissemination of a critical essay on an international current event in the field of contemporary art.

It includes financial assistance of 3,500 euros to cover the costs of the winner's travel and research period abroad in order to produce the essay.

The resulting French language article will be published in a bilingual (French/English) edition of "CRITIQUE D'ART" (No.61, Autumn/Winter 2023).

Conditions of eligibility

Intended to support innovative intellectual production in the field of art criticism, this support scheme is offered to young authors, of French nationality or resident in France for at least five years, who have achieved a level of initial professional recognition, justified by relevant publications and conferences.

2016-2022 winners

2016: Julie Crenn, "Who Run the World? South African Female Artists' Relationship to History and Normativity"

2017: Clélia Zernik, "Japanese Art after Fukushima through the Prism of Festivals

2018: Lilian Froger, "The Illusion of an Endless Summer: Californian Design, Sun and Mirages"

2019: Florian Gaité, "Visual Artists from the Bled. From Sadek Rahim to the Hirak, Contemporary Algerian Art’s Quest for Autonomy "

2020: Camille Azais, "The Countryside, the Future: Art and Rurality in Times of Crisis"

2021: Georgia René-Worms, "& J.L. "

2022: Marjolaine Lévy, "Pour une autre histoire de l’abstraction à la lumière de la modernité artistique du monde arabe"


Essays by the prize-winners are freely available on