A Fisherman’s Tale, par le studio Innerspace VR



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A Fisherman’s Tale, by Innerspace VR studio

Hosted at festivals in both Venice and Montreal, A Fisherman’s Tale (2018) is a virtual reality video game, preceded by a short film. Both immerse us in the world of a bearded and lonely sailor, with riddles and immersive sensations for his fellow travellers.

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A hyperactive production studio

A Fisherman’s Tale was developed in 2018 by the Innerspace VR studio in collaboration with Arte for publisher Vertigo Games. Located in Paris and Los Angeles, one of Innerspace VR’s most famous creations is Firebird - La Peri (2016), which transports us into a dreamlike world through the eyes of a prince, as well as the documentary DMZ (2015), which delves into the heart of the demilitarised zone that separates South and North Korea.


The studio’s productions are highly regarded in the world of virtual creation and have received numerous awards at international festivals, such as A Fisherman’s Tale, which won the Best Story/Storytelling Award at Game Connection America 2019.


Puzzles and riddles

As soon as the player puts on his virtual reality headset for A Fisherman’s Tale, they find themself in the shoes of a sailor named Bob. Wearing a red beanie, Bob lives in the model of a lighthouse he has built himself.


Following a storm, Bob is forced to leave his cabin to be tested multiple times: he has to solve puzzles and riddles throughout this marine escape game which lasts two hours.


A work of art in two stages

“Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a handmade, lovingly crafted fisherman puppet”: begins the 5-minute short film that introduces the game.


For the occasion, the writer behind A Fisherman’s Tale, Robert Morgan, was accompanied by Balthazar Auxietre, who provided artistic direction, and Alexis Moroz, game director: together, they were able to build a game in a dreamlike and surreal world. And this is their stated aim: to bring a strong aesthetic and poetic added value to VR games.


Selected worldwide

The success of A Fisherman’s Tale was demonstrated in 2019 at the Venice Film Festival, the Montreal Festival of New Cinema, the Virtual Worlds competition in Munich, the New Images festival in Paris and Filmgate Miami.


The game is available to buy online and on Oculus Quest - the popular headset developed by Facebook-owned Oculus VR, which aims to bring virtual reality to homes.

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