A Taste of Ink (Compte tes blessures), by Morgan Simon

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A Taste of Ink (Compte tes blessures), by Morgan Simon

In A Taste of Ink, Morgan Simon describes the daily life of a broken family, where silence has become the source of deep wounds.

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A late calling

It took some time for Morgan Simon, born in 1987, to find his vocation. After studying biology, he began a BTS (a 2-year technical degree) in communication. It was in the process of making a film for one of his courses that he had a revelation. From then on, a man who admitted he had rarely gone to the cinema started to catch up, devouring everything.


This energy propelled him to make his first short film, A Long Sadness (“Une longue tristesse”), in 2011. Four others would follow, including Try to die young (“Essaie de mourir jeune”), winner of a César award in 2016. With A Taste of Ink, his first feature film, Morgan Simon secures his place as a new face in the French cinema scene.


The weight of the unspoken

A Taste of Ink tells the story of a young man and his father who are at odds with each other, injured by the loss of a mother for one, of a partner for the other. Locked in a destructive silence, both men have to face their wounds, made more apparent by the arrival of a new woman in their lives.


With this film, Morgan Simon explains that he wanted to deal with the liberation of male expression: “Being a man means being responsible for your emotions and expressing them.” This idea takes shape in the character of the son, a singer in an alternative rock group: Seemingly unable to talk to his father, he finds a way to scream his rage through his career as a singer.


Reaching the core

For A Taste of Ink, Morgan Simon chose a minimal production. No flash or technical tricks here: The camera comes as close as possible to the actors and humbly reveals a painful family tale.


This simplicity of form is also found in the film’s background. Between his participation in writing workshops (the Jerusalem International Film Lab and the Cinéfondation Workshop in particular) and the help of Julia Ducournau – herself a director – it took Morgan Simon two years to give the film its final shape: something obvious and straightforward. It was important for the young director to "go to the bone".



An international influence

A Taste of Ink marked Morgan Simon's first feature film, and enjoyed immediate success. The film was praised by critics and received many awards, both in France and internationally.


In addition to the film’s nomination for the Louis-Delluc Prize in 2017, Kévin Azaïs received the Prize for Best Actor at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2016 for his portrayal of Vincent, the film's main character, and Morgan Simon was awarded Best Director at the TOFIFEST International Film Festival (Poland). The director was also recognized the same year with a Jury’s special mention at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain.


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