Appelez-moi Nathan, de Catherine Castro et Quentin Zuttion
Graphic novel

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Appelez-moi Nathan (Call me Nathan) by Catherine Castro and Quentin Zuttion

A chronicle of intimate turmoil, the comic Call Me Nathan delicately depicts the everyday life of a boy born into a girl's body. A documented and luminous look at the journey of a transgender teenager.

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A duo from the women's press

Writer Catherine Castro and cartoonist Quentin Zuttion have both made their mark in the world of women's journalism.

A leading reporter for Marie Claire magazine since 1998, Catherine Castro has also published a novel (À bout de couple or The Couple’s End, 2007) and contributed to the 11 Femmes (11 Women) short story collection, released in 2008.

Meanwhile, Quentin Zuttion first exercised his talents in the online press. A contributor to the Madmoizelle website, he is known through the blog Les petits mensonges de Monsieur Q (Mr Q's little lies), before publishing two comics (Sous le Lit or Under the bed, in 2016 and Chromatopsies, in 2018) where his interest in gender identity issues was already apparent.


Emancipation story

What's going on in the head and body of a 12-year-old adolescent who feels like a boy but was born a girl? The story of Lila's transition to Nathan examines these questions through a sober, sometimes raw, but always tender narrative. The young man's doubts, his imperious choices and the awkwardness of his loved ones are captured in watercolours with subtle, nuanced lines. As close as possible to his hero, Appelez-moi Nathan (Call Me Nathan) doesn’t miss anything out in showing you how to get away from the burden of your body and become the person you’ve always been.


Between documentary and fiction

Appelez-moi Nathan was inspired by the meeting between Catherine Castro and the son of one of her friends, Lucas, who was born a girl before completing her transition. Touched by her story, she collects her testimony and that of other transgender adolescents in order to put the comic book together.

This documentary work is constantly intertwined with the fictional and imaginary wanderings that the authors have created in order to best capture the character’s most intimate sensations.


A theme that transcends borders

Through its universal subject matter as well as its pedagogical approach, Appelez-moi Nathan has significant resonance in the media and on social networks. Selected for the Fnac/France Inter 2019 BD award, it will soon be available in Spanish and Japanese.

The Institut français and the project

Appelez-moi Nathan, by Catherine Castro et Quentin Zuttion has been translated into korean and german with the support of the Institut français. 

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