Claude et Morino, d’Adrien Albert
Graphic novel

2 min

Claude and Morino (“Claude et Morino"), by Adrien Albert

What is a friend? Do they have to look like you? Continuing the adventures of Claude and Morino, the writer-illustrator Adrien Albert puts his favourite duo back on screen for the second time.

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L'École des loisirs

Adrien Albert worked in many different fields (law, cooking, journalism, etc.) before committing to his favourite pastime: drawing. Born in Nantes in 1977, he has illustrated around ten picture books (Seigneur Lapin in 2008, Simon sur les rails in 2012, Henri est en retard in 2016, among others), all published by the prestigious children’s publishing house L’EÉcole des Loisirs.


In the same vein, with the Claude et Morino series Adrien Albert once again confirms his taste for absurd, comedic situations.


Skeleton comedy

Claude is a little skeleton; Morino is a bull. While on holiday in their caravan, Claude’s foot is swallowed by a fish, forcing the two friends to go on a hunt for it which takes them to the famous port “Patavas-les-Flots”. But their adventure will take them even further into the “Kingdom of Ghosts”, where Claude will, for the first time since his death, discover a memory of his previous life.


Volume two

In the first volume of this two-part story, Morino the bull awakens Claudio’s skeleton and reminds him about what he has forgotten about his life on earth. The second volume continues the adventures of a pair who now know each other very well.


Claude and Morino have become inseparable. Friendship and self-discovery are at the heart of this poetic, wacky comedy full of human warmth.


Ages 6 and up

Beloved for the simplicity of his illustrations and his innocent tone, Adrien Albert's works are charmingly sincere. Accustomed to workshops and meeting his young readers, he describes his creative process as being “as pragmatic as possible, to prevent things from becoming too laborious: a story board, then sketches, final drawings and finally colour.”

The Institut français and the book

Claude et Morino by Adrien Albert is part of the selection at the Institut français 2019 “Pépites Internationales” Awards and the Montreuil Youth Book and Press Fair.


This programme promotes French-language children’s literature among French learners around the world. Find out more about the 2019 Pépites Internationales