Erotic Cabinet, by Alex Cecchetti
Visual arts

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Erotic Cabinet, by Alex Cecchetti

Presented as a chapter from daily life, Erotic Cabinet engages visitors through an installation of 69 works whose variety reflects that of sexuality and eroticism.

Alex Cecchetti Tamam Shud, Erotic Cabinet. Courtesy of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. Photo: © Pat Mic.

An artist of the everyday

An Italian choreographer and visual artist living between Paris and London, Alex Cecchetti often creates works composed of objects from daily life, which do not usually appear in classical exhibitions. He likes to display the works while disguising them, as he did in 2013 for Louvre, a performance in which the museum's works were represented through dance and storytelling.


His work has been presented throughout Europe, at the largest festivals and contemporary art galleries – from the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Paris to the Serpentine Galleries in London and the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius.


A cabinet of sexual curiosities


Erotic Cabinet is a collection of 69 drawings and paintings, of different sizes, haphazardly attached to a tailor-made oak structure. From sketches to gouache, to Japanese drawings to ink, these works bring together erotic scenes and genital organs.


A veritable cabinet of sexual curiosities, the Erotic Cabinet can be closed to hide the works.


The visitor at the heart of the work

For Alex Cecchetti, the multiplicity of techniques and formats serves to reflect both the richness of eroticism and the art of harmonizing partners’ desires; the visitor's consent is essential to the performance of the work: the spectator must turn the light oak frames, which reveal the images one by one.


Erotic Cabinet is a chapter in a broader story, entitled Tamam Shud (“This is the end”), in which the artist investigates his fictitious death.


European collaborations

Presented in France at the Ferme du Buisson in the Paris region from November 2017 to February 2018, Erotic Cabinet first wowed visitors to the Tamam Shud exhibition at the Ujazdowski Palace in Warsaw, throughout September 2017.


For this exhibition in Poland, Alex Cecchetti invited many European curators and artists who share his desire to engage the public, such as the British Tim Etchells and the Polish Ola Maciejewska, for evenings of co-created performances or to do what they liked.


The Institut français and the project

Erotic Cabinet was displayed in Poland in September 2017 as part of the exhibition “Tamam Shud: An Artist’s Novel Exhibition”, at the Ujazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Centre in Warsaw.


This first solo exhibition by Alex Cecchetti in Poland was produced in collaboration with the contemporary art centre La Ferme du Buisson and the support of the Institut français.