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Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place by Margherita Bergamo and Daniel González Franco

Co-created by Italian choreographer Margherita Bergamo and Colombian digital artist Daniel González Franco, Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place is an immersive experience combining contemporary dance and virtual reality. The spectator becomes an actor, blurring the spaces between the real and the virtual.

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A duo of complementary designers

Dancer, choreographer and producer Margherita Bergamo, aka Telma Ha, left Italy's national rhythmic gymnastics team to study art management in Venice, then communication in art, choreography and performance in Barcelona. It was in 2016 after meeting Colombian digital artist Daniel González Franco, that she embarked on virtual reality film projects.

Daniel González Franco runs the VR production company Omnipresenz.

Margherita Bergamo and Daniel González Franco began their first collaboration in 2017 with The Ecstasy of Gold, which explored the creative possibilities of dance-related virtual reality. Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place continues this quest.


A live, virtual show

A participatory contemporary dance performance, Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place combines three choreographic experiences shot in 360 in Barcelona, Venice and Lyon.

Wearing virtual reality headsets, spectators are invited to put themselves in the shoes of dancer goddess Eve, even mimicking her movements and interacting with her entourage.

Dancers in the real world accompany them in perfect symbiosis with the virtual choreography, all under the amused gaze of the spectators who have been alongside them throughout the performance.


The principle of embodied presence

Margherita Bergamo’s show illustrates the principle of embodied presence theorised by researcher Mel Slater.

In this show, where dancers, spectator-actors and audiences come together, immersion into the very bones of a character is seen by the audience and experienced by the spectator-actor who has been asked to wear a virtual reality headset. They find themself "in Eve's shoes," following in her footsteps and responding to the choreographic interactions that are suggested to them virtually.

The sense of embodiment is complemented by applause from the audience as they takes off their headset and realises that they were an integral part of the show.


Success in Laval and Canada

Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place premiered in October 2018 at Tangente Danse & the Montreal Festival of New Cinema in Canada, before winning the Art & VR Award in March 2019 at the RectoVRso International Festival of Art and Virtual Reality in Laval, France.

As a result of this award, Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place was presented by RectoVRso to the Vancouver Alliance Française on its 115th anniversary in September 2019 in a selection of virtual reality works.

Eve, is an unplaceable Place