L'Homme en pièces, de Marion Fayolle

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In Pieces (“L'Homme en pièces"), by Marion Fayolle

An illustrated book without words, In Pieces recounts, through poetic and surrealistic graphics, an acerbic vision of relationships between men and women.

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From Strasbourg to New York

Born in 1988 in Ardèche, Marion Fayolle is a graduate of the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts. There she met Matthias Malingrey and Simon Roussin, with whom she co-founded the comics and illustrations magazine Nyctalope in 2009.


Marion Fayolle then produced a handful of illustrated works: The Tenderness of Stones (“La Tendresse des pierres”) (2013), Les Coquins (2014) and Suspended Loves (“Les Amours suspendues”) (2017). She also creates illustrations for French and international press outlets, such as Le M, the Le Monde magazine, the magazine XXI, Regards and even the prestigious New York Times. Most of her recent works have been published by Magnani.


Illustrations and metaphors

Marion Fayolle's first book of illustrations, In Pieces (2011), is a wordless book made up of a series of fifty or so vignettes, each one to three pages long. One, for example, depicts a woman who lights a candle-man and then dives naked in the freshly melted wax. These short stories elegantly blend dreamlike settings, cynicism and irony.


Often compared to French graphic novelists Ruppert and Mulot, Marion Fayolle’s visual style relies on both the delicacy her drawings and the simplicity of her narratives. 


A class project turned reality

In October 2011, Marion Fayolle lived the dream of many graphic design students: she published her class project In Pieces, at Michel Lagarde Editions. This was her first project for a publishing house.


“When I write my stories, in fact, I’m not really writing. It all starts with a desire for images, often obtained through a combination of shapes and words" explains Marion Fayolle in an extract from her memoir.


A unique style, quickly noticed

Often praised by her peers, Marion Fayolle won the Jeunes Talents competition at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.


Selected for her work The Tenderness of Stones (2013), it was for Suspended Love (2017), a book about romantic feelings, that Marion Fayolle won the Special Jury Prize at the Angoulême festival in 2018.

The Institut français and the book

Marion Fayolle’s novel In Pieces was supported in 2018 by the Publication Assistance Programme - Rights Transfer Support for its release in Italy.


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