La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin, d’Elly Oldman

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La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin, by Elly Oldman

Her story begins with a period of forced confinement, which would gradually stir her to draw. Choosing to become an illustrator at age 29, Elly Oldman exhibits her sprawling masterpiece, La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin, both on Instagram and as an exhibition in augmented reality. A work with an ecological dimension that speaks to everyone.

© Elly Oldman

A self-trained hand

In 2016, after an epileptic seizure that caused partial loss of sensation in her body, Loona – who goes by the pseudonym Elly Oldman - decided to start her physical therapy with drawing. At first, she forced herself to produce the straightest lines possible, then attempted the exact opposite, aiming for a freer hand. Finding real enjoyment in drawing, she became an illustrator. 

In early 2017, she started turning heads on Instagram with her project La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin, seemingly infinite... like her drawing. The young woman from Rennes has since taken part in numerous multi-format collaborations and various exhibitions. 


A never-ending story

La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin is an offbeat and almost philosophical tale. One day, as a little girl and her robot play in the yard, a jar falls from the sky. Inside, a small goat in a suit informs them that an environmental tragedy is underway. Parallel worlds collapse one after the other; what is done to repair one threatens to make the others disappear... 


Instagram and virtual reality

First designed for publication on Instagram, the first version of La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin was fit into 200 posts, 13 metres long and 63 centimetres wide. « I felt like the format was the right one for a large drawing that would never be complete », explains the author. 

When the Rennes festival Maintenant, dedicated to arts, music and new technologies, invited Elly Oldman to take part in its 2019 edition, the illustrator revisited the format of her work so that it could be shown at the exhibition. Accompanied by the association Electronik, she developed a 12m2augmented reality mural.


Exhibiting light

With 20,000 followers on Instagram, Elly Oldman has brought together a community that is sensitive to both her artistic and political approach, with a universal ecological message, able to reach all audiences. After a Tedx conference and a crowdfunding campaign, the artist was lauded by the press and television for her approach, and gradually broadened her audience even further. She now works with the producer Electronik, the Rennes-based digital creation company Artefacto, and works with the collective &friends for her videos.

The Institut français and the project

La Grande Histoire du dessin sans fin by Elly Oldman is presented as part of « Machines à bulles », an exhibition dedicated to innovative books produced by the Institut français.


The « Machines à Bulles » exhibition showcases innovative forms of comics through 24 works illustrating the new reading experiences offered by digital technology.

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