Les carnets de Cerise, tome 1
Graphic novel

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Les Carnets de Cerise, Volume 1 by Joris Chamblain and Aurélie Neyret

The first part of a multi-award-winning series, Les Carnets de Cerise, tome 1 : le zoo pétrifié (Cherry’s Notebooks, Volume 1: The Petrified Zoo), showcases the adventures, involving investigation and suspense, of a curious and resourceful little girl who becomes famous.

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A successful duo

By the age of 36, the Lyon-based illustrator Aurélie Neyret had collaborated with various youth magazines (J’aime Lire, Histoire Junior) before creating the designs for Vacances de Monsieur Rhino (Mr Rhino’s Holidays) written by Raphaël Baud and published by the Chocolat publishing house in 2012. That same year, she designed the universe of Carnets de Cerise, volume 1, published by Éditions Soleil, a story scripted by Joris Chamblain, with whom she has since collaborated on what has become, in the meantime, a successful adventure.


The author Joris Chamblain first worked with fanzines at the age of 35. In 2010, he published the album La Recherche d’emploi (Job Search) published by Bac@BD.


Les Carnets de Cerise (2012) is, along with Sorcières Sorcières (Witches Witches, 2013), Enola et les animaux extraordinaires  (Enola and the Extraordinary Animals, 2015) and Lili Crochette et Monsieur Mouche (Lili Crochette and Monsieur Mouche, 2017), one of his best-known comic book series. 


Cherry at the zoo

Les Carnets de Cerise, Tome 1 : le zoo pétrifié tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who, dreaming of becoming a novelist, has already started writing in her notebooks. She observes adults and tries to understand them. What secrets are they hiding?


Cherry investigates an elderly man who takes himself away into the forest with large pots of paint every Sunday. What does he do there? Is he repainting an old house or decorating trees? Cherry is determined to follow him...


Childhood memories

The idea for the setting came from Joris Chamblain living near an amusement park in the heart of a forest when he was a child. “It was a family affair with rides that were a little shaky, a little broken, but the local children went there. One day, the park closed for obvious safety reasons. The little adventurer that I was, I jumped the wall with a friend and visited this disused theme park. Immobile, silent, empty… [...] This is an echo of that very adventure. 


Turning the idea of the theme park into a zoo, Joris then came up with the title of Carnets de Cerise, vowing to write this story one day.


An award-winning album

After its release in 2012 with over 15 prizes in France, including Best Screenplay, Best Hope and the Public Prize at the Comic Strip Festival in Chambéry in 2013, Les Carnets de Cerise, tome 1 marked the beginning of a five-volume adventure in which the values of sharing, mutual assistance and kindness conquer both adults and children.


The series highlights humanist values, leaving plenty of room for transmission between generations. 

The Institut français and the project

Les Carnets de Cerise, tome 1 by Joris Chamblain and Aurélie Neyret has been translated into greek and swedish with the support of the Institut français. 


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