M.O.A. (My Own Assistant), de Charles Ayats



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M.O.A. (My Own Assistant), by Charles Ayats

Welcome to 2040: a layer of augmented reality is added to reality to guide you better or encourage you to consume in the urban space. Will you be able to resist it? Presentation of M.O.A., an augmented reality app created by Charles Ayats, for smartphones.

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A hyperactive interactive artist

Charles Ayats graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins school of visual communication and arts with a degree in Interactive Digital Experience (2012). An interactive designer, game designer and VR director, he has made a name for himself with well-known creations such as The Scream VR co-directed with Sandra Paugam in 2019, which uses VR to reveal the secrets of the eponymous work. H is also the co-scriptwriter, with Sabrina Calvo, of 7 Lives, a fantasy tale halfway between the land of the living and the dead in Tokyo, a first virtual reality creation directed by Jan Kounen in 2019.


An A.I. following your footsteps

It’s 2040. M.O.A. is your personnel assistant, your personalised artificial intelligence that knows everything about what you want. It guides you as you move through the urban jungle and with a kind, soft voice, encouraging you to make decisions. Shopping, social relations, trips… Via targeted advertising, M.O.A. attracts your attention all the time thanks to a multitude of notifications that unfurl around you virtually. Thanks to it everything becomes easier and ever more intrusive.


Peripheral visions

M.O.A. is experienced with an audio headset: telephone in hand, held vertically, the user looks around themselves to activate the app, discover and interact with the universe created by Charles Ayats, in collaboration with Frédéric Deslias. This experience is produced by Red Corner, France Télévisions, La Volte, Le Clair Obscur, Small Studio, Le Forum des images et Chroniques, with the support of the CNC and Normandie Images.


A reference in science-fiction

M.O.A. is an adaptation of the successful novel Les Furtifs (2019) by Alain Damasio. Just like the original work, it examines the viability of a world driven by technology and that is imposed more and more on us. A “techno-cocoon”, as Alain Damasio alludes to in his work, where analytical and predictive marketing mix to better serve us and enslave us. M.O.A. is an important work: it constitutes a new brick in the whole of Charles Ayats’ work. A work that conveys meaning, that’s committed and questions these new realities.

The Institut français and the project

M.O.A is programed in 2020 NewImages Festival.

Charles Ayats will be coordinator with Jérôme Blanquet of the writing residency dedicated to immersive narratives in 2020 initiated by the Institut français and the VR Arles festival . 

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The work will also be presented to the participants of the Focus digital arts and creations, organized as part of Chroniques, the Biennale of digital imagination (12 November 2020 - 17 January 2021 ). 

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