Pixel, by Mourad Merzouki

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Pixel, by Mourad Merzouki

In Pixel, a piece created by Mourad Merzouki for his company Käfig, video becomes a dancer in its own right. The boundaries between bodies and projections blur to create a futuristic world.

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From hip-hop to contemporary dance

Born in Lyon in 1973, Mourad Merzouki began by studying circus arts, before becoming interested in hip-hop in the late 1980s and doing a series of residencies with European and American choreographers. After having founded the company Accrorap with choreographer Kader Attou, in 1996 he launched Käfig and gradually opened up to other forms of contemporary dance.


In 2006, the choreographer received the SACD award for new choreographic talent, before doing a residency with Käfig in the Lyon region. Since 2009, he has directed the national choreography centre in Créteil, where he created Pixel (2014).



Dancers and light

 Created by Mourad Merzouki with Adrien Monot and Claire Bardainne, artists whose work exists at the intersection of live performance and the digital, Pixel is a choreography that invites a new kind of dance partner: video.


The 11 dancers of the Käfig company work in an area structured by an interactive projection, where light points, grids and hoops travel with movements full of energy and poetry.


The physicality of the dancers’ bodies enters into conversation with the light that accompanies and constrains them, set to Armand Amar’s futuristic music.




Collaborating with images


When he met Adrien Monot and Claire Bardainne, Mourad Merzouki wanted to play with technology. Fascinated by the dialogue between movement and images, he places his dancers in a space that is completely new to them: one created by interactive video.


This collaboration is part of Mourad Merzouki's search for new aesthetics, alliances and new to feed his creative process.


With Pixel, the choreographer wanted to offer a reflection on the world of tomorrow, where images and technology are king and where the borders between the real and the virtual are blurred.


A creation that conquered the world

Beginning in the 2014-2015 season, in addition to a tour across France, Pixel travelled to Italy and enjoyed international success.


In four seasons and more than 300 performances, Mourad Merzouki's piece has taken the dancers of the Käfig Company all over Europe, to Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia and Macedonia, not to mention other continents. The creation has been presented in Israel, the United Arab Emirates and in tours across Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.


At the end of the 2017-2018 season, Pixel will have travelled to around thirty countries and more than 160 cities.


Pixel, company Käfig