Soka Tira, from the Basinga company, with Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga



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Soka Tira, from the Basinga company, with Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga

With Soka Tira, the Basinga company invents has created another approach to tightrope wire walking. Tatiana Mosio-Bonga not only walks on a tightwirerope: she challenges examines the invisible wires that connect us and make help us live together.

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Wire-walking in her soul

At the age of 8, Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga was already taking circus classes: she dreamt of being a tightrope wire-walker. After high school, she first started began studying psychology studies, then joined enrolled at the Centre National des Arts du cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne, from which she graduated in 2007.


The French acrobat then perfected her skills as part ofin different various companies – Cabas, la compagnie Tréteaux du Cœur Volant and  Les Colporteurs. She also taught at the Fratellini Academy. In 2013, in Sauve, in southern France, Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga created the Basinga company with Jan Naets and Émilie Pétunia, who would take care of production and stage management.


From building inaugurations – for the reopening of the Mauritshuis museum, in July 2017, for example – to artistic celebrations – 30 years of the Circa festival in Auch in October of the same year – the company always offers a high-flying collective group experience each time.


An Interactive performance

Soka Tira was performed for the first time on 1st February 2017 in Marseille, as part of the Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque and of “Sirènes et midi net”, which offers a company, on the first of every month, the opportunity to take over a public square in the city centre when the civil protection city’s warning siren sounds.


For this event, the Basinga company ran a wire across the place de l’Opéra. The wire-walker, Tatiana Moso-Bongonga, then crossed the square to the amazement of passers-by, some of whom were given the responsibility of holding maintaining and tying securing the wire. Through collaboration and sharing, Soka Tira wants aims to trace the links, or rather the invisible wires, between the spectators.


Since then, the company has performed Soka Tira in the Paris region, in La Courneuve, greater Paris in October 2017.


Mixing wire-walking and music


Soka Tira refers to a popular Basque game like tug-of-war (the name of which means "pulling- the- rope") where two male teams of men traditionally compete, one at each end of a rope. The winning team is the one that manages to get the other group to cross a line drawn at an equal distance between the two teams.


For the first performance of Soka Tira in Marseille, the company invited singer Pascale Valenta who has accompanied them since the company’s their beginnings creation and whose vocals never fail to electrify the atmosphere every time.


A residency in Morocco


The company wanted to develop the mix between music and tightrope walking for a more ambitious and impressive version of Soka Tira, under the title Crossing (“Traversée”). They notably worked on it  notably as part of a residency in July 2017 at the Moroccan Awaln’Art festival.


This residency was an opportunity for Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga and her company to develop the most educational aspects of their work with the by organising workshops where young Moroccan teenagers  boys and girls were able to learn about the art of tightrope walking.


Their new show was is scheduled for to be performed at the Cratères Surfaces festival in Alès in July 2018.

Crossing ("Traversée"), in Marseille
The Institut français and the project

In 2018, Compagnie Basinga is receiving the support of the Institut français for its European tour.


In 2017, Basinga also participated in a creative residency in Marrakech, as part of Awaln’art.