Mille secrets de poussins, de Claude Ponti

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The Thousand Secrets of Chicks (“Mille secrets de poussins”), by Claude Ponti

In this children’s picture book, Claude Ponti reveals the playful hidden life of chicks. A book in which the author's creative and joyful world is cheerfully depicted!

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Claude Ponti, poet of childhood

Claude Ponti’s overflowing imagination has delighted children since his first book Adele’s Album (“L’album d’Adèle”) (1986), nearly thirty years ago. Now 70 years old, this Lorraine native who began his career as a press cartoonist remains an insatiable storyteller.

The author of an impressive number of children’s books, his works masterfully blend visual beauty, humour and wonder. A delicate and harmonious alchemy which places this author among the great masters of children’s literature.


The incredible life of chicks

In this picture book The Thousand Secrets of Chicks (2005), Claude Ponti immerses us in the world of these adorable little yellow creatures led by Blaise, the masked chick. Far from being a dull lesson in natural science, The Thousand Secrets of Chicks turns out to be an entertaining treasure hunt.


This astonishing encyclopaedia, which never takes itself seriously, tells us the secrets of the mysterious life of chicks who “are born in chicken eggs, laid by Olga Ponlemonde in her tree”. Their farmyard is transformed into the location of surprising activities where the visual abundance is wonderfully enhanced by the delicacy and inventiveness of the writing.


Chicks in all their states

Chicks are an iconic element from Claude Ponti’s works. They have been present in most of his picture books since the very first, written for his daughter Adèle in 1986.


Since then, these little birds have been at the centre of his creative universe. In 2005, he revealed the many faces of these little creatures in The Thousand Secrets of Chicks.


In the eyes of the world's children

Recognised in France as one of the greatest authors of children’s literature, Claude Ponti's works are now distributed around the world in 13 languages.


Each translation must be carefully crafted to preserve richness and creativity of his texts. So observed his editor, Isabelle Dharty: “For his books to resonate internationally, they need very good translations because Claude Ponti’s word games and expressions can be complicated and are often subtle."

The Institut français and the book

Claude Ponti's The Thousand Secrets of Chicks was supported in 2017 by the Publication Assistance Programme - Rights Transfer Support for its release in Vietnam. Find out more about the Publication Assistance Programme