Thicket, by Maya Dunietz

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Thicket, by Maya Dunietz

With the installation Thicket, a cloud made up of thousands of headphones, Maya Dunietz pushes the limits of sound. Waves are treated as a plastic medium which spectators are invited to cross.

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A hybrid artist


An Israeli artist, born in Tel Aviv in 1981, Maya Dunietz is a pianist, singer, composer and performer. Her work explores the links between music, visual arts, technology and philosophy.


Maya Dunietz collaborates with artists and institutions around the world. In 2010, she worked on the sound arrangements of the album 1000 by the French trio Cheveu and, again four years later, for their album Bum.


In 2014, she also produced BOOM, a solo performance composed for Salle 37 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


The whisper of a cloud

Maya Dunietz called her installation Thicket, a title which refers to the appearance of the work when viewed from below.


Hanging in the air, thousands of white headphones form a humming cloud. On the second level, a balcony allows you to observe the installation from above and understand its structure.


The sounds, emanating from both floors, are an invitation to explore the space. As you move around, the acoustics of the work come to life, its waves echoing differently with each movement.


A customised installation

The Thicket installation was created for Maya Dunietz's first solo exhibition, "Sound Requires a Medium". Presented at the Tel Aviv contemporary art centre from December 2015 to February 2016, this event marked a turning point in the career of the artist, who is now attempting to work with sound as a visual medium.


The exhibition included exclusively in-situ works interrogating our interactions with sound and their limitations. Thicket, made up of nearly twenty kilometres of cables, occupied the first floor and constituted the central work of the exhibition.


Conquering the audience

Although more internationally recognised for her musical performances, Maya Dunietz also knows how to seduce with her visual work. The installation Thicket has aroused enthusiasm among Tel Aviv audiences, who are fascinated by the unusual acoustics caused by the interaction of moving bodies, which become vectors of sound.


In 2018, Thicket is specially located at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, as part of the France-Israel Season.

The Institut français and the project

From September to November 2018, as part of the France-Israel Season, Thicket by Maya Dunietz was displayed as part of the permanent collection at the Georges Pompidou Centre.


The France-Israel Season 2018 (June-November 2018) is organised and implemented by the Institut français, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, and the embassies of both countries.