Untitled (Tornado)#3 by Marina Gadonneix

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Untitled (Tornado)#3, by Marina Gadonneix

Taken in an American scientific laboratory by the French artist Marina Gadonneix, Untitled (Tornado)#3 is a black and white photographic metaphor for the meteorological phenomenon of tornadoes.

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Understanding the world

Marina Gadonneix is a graduate of the Arles École nationale supérieure de la photographie. Each of these shots follows a precise investigative methodology in order to pin down the subject as accurately as possible. She examines the ability of a place to create images, and conversely, the power that images have to recreate places.


Through photography, Marina Gadonneix captures the fluidity between documentary and fiction, simulation and illusion, while trying to understand and help others to understand the scientific and meteorological phenomena of our world.


Velocimetry and dry ice

The photo Untitled (Tornado)#3 was taken in 2016 in the tornado simulator at Iowa State University in the United States. The first device to reproduce the dynamic movement of tornadoes in a laboratory, this simulator remains one of the most important in its field.


Immortalising this experience, Untitled (Tornado)#3 is part of a much larger series of photographs, entitled Phenomena (“Phénomènes").


The phenomena laboratory

The series of photos Phenomena is based on an artistic and scientific exploration carried out by Marina Gadonneix between 2014 and 2018.


The artist directed her gaze at various scientific laboratories in France and the United States, considering the laboratory as a space for depicting, modelling and conceptualising physical phenomena such as the aurora borealis, avalanches, lighting or meteor impacts.


Across the Atlantic

The photo Untitled (Tornado)#3 has not yet been shown in an exhibition, but the series Phenomena to which it belongs has been part of two exhibitions in France, at Le Point du Jour in Cherbourg and at the Centre photographique de Rouen in Normandy. 


The series Phenomena will debut in Canada this autumn as part of the Momenta Image Biennale. Untitled (Tornado)#3 will be on display there.

The Institut français and the project

Marina Gadonneix benefited from the support of the Institut français for her series Phenomena (“Phénomènes”) a project which came into being thanks to the Hors les Murs residency in 2016. Learn more about the Institut Français residency programmes


Untitled (Tornado)#3, by Marina Gadonneix presented with the support of the Institut français in Montreal, Canada at Momenta 2019, the 16th Image Biennale, from 4th September to 13th October 2019.