Les Ombres blanches, de Nathalie Pernette, la Compagnie Pernette

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White Shadows (“Les Ombres blanches”) by Nathalie Pernette

In collaboration with magician Thierry Collet, Nathalie Pernette choreographed White Shadows, where the supernatural defies death. In the ruins of a house, a pair of dancers brings moving ghosts to life, making audiences young and old smile and shiver in a show appropriate for viewers 6 and up.

© Phillipe Laurençon

A very open choreographer

Nathalie Pernette founded her own company in 2001, Compagnie Pernette, based in Besançon. This dancer and choreographer with a strong taste for experimentation and encounters easily moves from large theatres to public spaces, with a preference for unusual settings. She doesn't limit herself to dance either, and enjoys working in other disciplines such as visual arts or live music.


In 2015, Nathalie Pernette created White Shadows, a show for all audiences 6 and over.


Mischievous floating spirits

A lover of fantastical atmospheres and creatures, with White Shadows choreographer Nathalie Pernette brings us into a world full of mists and mysterious voices, an in-between world full of ghosts, spirits and phantoms.


Two bodies are wrapped in long grey dresses. A few beams lie on the floor around them, the remnants of walls and doors. This duo, who transform into a multitude of characters, shift between slow and frenetic movements. A dancer loses his head, a hand moves without a body. Chairs shift on their own, to an increasingly driving rhythm. The music is gripping. We hear whispers, muffled blows and creaking noises.


The hypnotic tools of a magician

In White Shadows, Nathalie Pernette, who loves off-beat themes, tackles death and the connection between the living and the absent from a different angle. The choreographer’s goal was to build a “serious and funny world where the laws of bodies and objects are turned on their heads”, which is why she worked in collaboration with Thierry Collet, in charge of props and magic.


Hypnotic, her choreography calls on the supernatural to help us better overcome our fears.


Compagnie Pernette, toujours en mouvement

The Compagnie Pernette often travels around France and abroad.


White Shadows began its odyssey travelling through France, then was performed in 2019 in Japan at ricca ricca*festa — the Okinawa International Theatre Festival — and in Taiwan, at the Asian Alliance of Theatre for Young Audiences.

L'Institut français et le projet

The show White Shadows by Compagnie Pernette  benefited from the assistance of the IF Tournée project for its tour in Asia.


IF Tournée aims to support international tours by companies or artists based in France which feature at least five dates, either in a single country or across a geographical region (Asia, Oceania, North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East).