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  • Tunisie
06 - 08 February 2019
French language
The Institut français in Paris and the Institut français in Tunis are creating a Franco-Tunisian Laboratory focused on immersive language-learning.

A space for innovation and research, this laboratory allows us to test the potential uses of immersion in the context of learning, more specifically of language learning.

Relying on innovative technologies and tools (notably virtual and augmented reality), it encourages the search for new learning methods by bringing together researchers, immersion experts, educators and creators. 

It also promotes the expertise of French Tech in the education and training sector. 

Finally, it allows the general public to discover a demonstration and experimentation laboratory which will be based in the class centre at the Institut français in Tunis.

The first symposium of Tunisian and French experts, taking place from 6th to 8th February in Tunis, aims to lay out the Lab’s objectives and the framework for its implementation.